One-on-one Results Coaching

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, to learn more, do more and become more you are a leader." – John Quincy Adams


Results Coaching is based on Neuroleadership findings which means we work with the brain functions for peak performance. Coaching is a personal service that gives you the focus to set and reach goals through the creation of new habits and the development of self-awareness of your thought and behaviour choices. Framed in growth mindset the process takes you into an orientation of possibility and opportunity rather than the ‘threat’ state so many of us have learned to live in. This is the mindset of successful people.

If you feel limited by your own personality or programming, stuck in non productive behaviours and habits or if you have dreams that you are yet to realise, coaching would be great for you.

On average people find 6-10 sessions equip them with the self-reflection and awareness skills to develop new habits and make massive positive change to their experience of life.


Commit to your life satisfaction with these packages:

2 hr session  - Used as a breakthru session;

  • You learn about growth mindset and

  • choose an area of focus to set an inspiring goal and

  • work on some of the behaviours, thoughts or beliefs that are holding you back from achieving it.

Monthly 4x1hrs -        

  • You will learn about growth mindset, and

  • choose an area of focus to set an inspiring goal.

  • Over the weeks we will work in depth on some of the behaviours, thoughts or beliefs that keep coming up and holding you back to make sure you make good progress to developing some new habits and beliefs.

Three Monthly

  • As for the Monthly package except you will focus on 3 different areas and inspiring goals and get the chance to realise the goals you set having worked diligently on establishing new habits or beliefs along the way.


I think Wendy changed the me inside. When you look at a $500-$1000 spend, to change at the core, and you spread that across the next 30 years of living it is like $17-$33 / year investment! Stuff all for a life long improvement in the quality of life.  Kristy - Mum and Administrator

I always walk away from our sessions feeling more positive. You help me to devise a meaningful action plan which is manageable.  I feel "safe" when I'm talking with you and because of your non-judgmental ways I still feel ok about myself.  Lisa - Executive Manager


Coaching is a small investment for opening up to a life-time of improved confidence and capability; enhanced relationships with your partner and kids; enhanced work performance; and to be realising your dreams. Without even considering the mental and physical toll that stress has on your body the return on investment from a confidence perspective is a ‘no brainer’.  Don't wait to be full of regrets, cut yourself some slack and take your life back from the automatic programs that are running it!

WHAT’S THE COST OF STAYING AS YOU ARE - suffering relationships, suffering performance, anxiety leading to ill health, lost dreams?