"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others." – African proverb

The brain is rewarded and motivated by positive social connection and the synergy of brains working together produces an array of unique and exciting results. As such I am driven to work with other people to create more than I could on my own, and reach further with them. These are some of the exciting people I choose to work with.

Institute of Women

Maz Schirmer

Wendy has become a licensed Creatrix® Transformologist® to contribute to Maz’s vision of “Setting 10 million women’s hearts free” because Wendy experienced the fact that some blockages are so deeply rooted they need this amazing process to develop the wisdom and insight to unlock them.

Loren Downing

Sync or Swim

Wendy also works under Sync or Swim offering Loren's clients individual and team coaching around growth mindset cultures to empower their teams and reduce inter and intra personal conflict.



Peter Vozvoteca

Tough Problems

Peter and Wendy have designed a workshop that applies growth mindset-solution thinking to Human Centered Design for professionals looking for a corporate edge.


Sanford McMurray Jnr

Unlock 2 Unleash

Wendy joins with Sanford to deliver youth programs (life skills) twice a year in a 5 day retreat format. Wendy and Sanford are also designing aligned but shorter adult retreats to run more often.