Set Your Heart Free and Spread Your Wings Fully with Creatrix®


Feeling trapped, scared to let go or something holding you back from being your best or going with your natural flow? Creatrix® can release you.

What is Creatrix®?

Creatrix® is the most powerful modality I’ve found to break the strong hold of women’s personal prisons of anxiety, shame, low self-esteem, fear and ineffectiveness.

Having tried a lot of things over the years and finding some relief, I was left with a lot of tools and techniques to use. Whilst they were good I found myself working on some of the same things over and over again … and that frustrated the hell out of me.

Creatrix® is a deeper process than I’ve experienced with other modalities. It has completely transformed my perspectives about who I am and how I can manage myself …. and helps me to see more helpful options and choices for myself. 

  • It’s quick - a couple of months,

  • it’s easy - listen and imagine, no rehashing stories and events,

  • it’s profound - tapping your internal wisdom, and

  • it WORKS … it’s worked for me and for thousands of other women, to free our hearts from automatic family patterns, programs and blockages.

So let’s get it working for you too.
Let me show you how.

So what changed for me with Creatrix®?

The biggest change for me was being able to see what was stopping me, how my self-sabotage was my own "‘4 year old tantrum queen’ holding the adult me helplessly at ransom from time to time. Strangely with all the tools and techniques I had found and tried, I had not previously seen it clearly enough to find my way through my ‘stuck periods’ consistently. Now I see the 4 year old and how to manage her, she has no more power. I’ve found I am more focused and efficient so I can drop some of the ‘busyness’ that has dominated much of my life. I’ve also found my anxiety levels have reduced enabling me to work through fears more easily.

I am in to making my life better not harder and the Creatrix® effects are enabling me to be more efficient and enjoy my life experiences and relationships more freely. A better life with more enjoyment - what else could you ask for? And some people go their whole lives without ever finding that peace……will that be you?

The Process

step 1 - awareness on what is holding you back

it can feel like life just has it in for us and we can never catch a break. However in reality, you can find you have some blockages that are stopping you at an un-conscious level and sabotaging what you really want to achieve.

For a really long time I’d been wanting to empower myself and others - but I kept falling prey to my fears; of being judged, of being rejected, of not being good enough. And as much as I was and I could help others its was limited due to the battle that stopped me taking the action I needed to put myself out there.

If you are know what some of your limiting beliefs and negative emotions are, then Creatrix® will definitely help you to move forward.

However if you're not really sure what your limiting beliefs are - which is actually quite common - I would recommend that you start by booking a Blockage Identifier call with me because together we can create the awareness you need to be ready to Creatrix®.

In this 1 hour call, you will gain awareness of the patterns and sub-conscious beliefs holding you back AND get clear on what you can do to change them.

Step 2 - Creatrix® - A female specific process which gets long lasting results

The 5 Stages of Creatrix®

1. Re-Lease - Emotional and Limiting Blockages
2. Re-Learn - Get Your Unique Soul's Life Lesson's and Tools to Move Forward
3. Re-Code - Delete Inherited Negative Patterning
4. Re-Frame - Your Entire Perspective
5. Re-Create - The Life You Want

Step 3 - Check-in coaching

to ensure you are making the situational and habit adjustments that will sustain and amplify your transformation

If we leave rehab and go straight back to the pub spending our time with the same mates that we are wired to drink with how much do you think will change?

You will need to reevaluate the roles, habits, agreements and relationships you operate in to make sure you gain the ground you have worked for. This does not need to be wholesale change unless you are in a really bad situation, and there will also be some smaller things holding you where you currently are.

This includes utilising quick, easy tools in your every day life to manage the new stressors of everyday living PLUS showing you how to now employ your positive unlimited mindset to be working exclusively for your success.


You’re interested right!

So ask yourself - “When are you going to take the action you need to breakthrough your limitations, and live the life you know is in your heart?”

If not this….if not now….When?


Dearest Wendy
I can’t begin to tell you the gratitude I felt yesterday and today finally letting go of the key emotions I now know have held me back for so very long in all aspects of my life
You are so beyond excellent at this I knew I was safe secure and totaly able to confront my darkest fears with your steady guidance.
Thank you from every corner of my heart and soul
Linda ❣️