Improving Relationships Though Authenticity

Have you found yourself thinking life sucks, because you have ended up in some S*&^^% circumstances?

Our initial reaction is often to find fault in everyone else, but with time and the development of wisdom we can often start seeing some of the ways we may have contributed to the situation.

Any relationship we have is a reflection of aspects of the relationship we have with ourselves. That is why we tend to repeat similar patterns in our life. The person who has a tendency to pair with abusive partners, the person who sees idiots everywhere, the person who finds remarkable people entering their life, they are all attracting people that somehow resonate with them or their idea of love and interaction.

It is not anyone’s fault, we are all a product of our ancestry and our experience, so no-one is to blame. We do have all the power to change it though.

If it is to be changed it is up to me! So how do we go about changing it?

Simply, (but not necessarily easily) if we can become more authentic in relationship by being in touch with our own feelings and needs and sharing them we will start to change our patterns. This awareness makes them more apparent and gives us more time to see the patterns and to choose different responses. We will start showing up as ourselves authentically and with personal strength and confidence rather than catering to other people’s demands and expectations.

Watch this brief video for a little more detail on how.