Power up Workshops

"Connection is why we are here. It’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives, and without it there is suffering." – Brene Brown


1. Let me Learn

Improve communication & collaboration with a growth mindset.
2 X 2 hour workshops.
(or Tailored).

Based on learning and applying Growth Mindset principles individually this workshop improves teamwork and respectful communication. 
The characteristics of great teams revolve around a growth mindset where people feel safe, supported, respectful, well led and motivated to collaborate and create.

  • Workshop 1 will get the team acquainted with the concept of growth mindset and how it plays out in one aspect of their life at work.
  • Workshop 2 embeds the application of the growth mindset and identifies changes for the business to support and encourage a new way of working.

2. Let me be

Improve responsibility with Mindfulness practises.
10 X 1 hour workshops.

This is an ongoing program of bite sized education pieces to embed mindfulness practices in your teams and your work practises. Mindfulness increases people's level of consciousness creating space between stimuli and response. It has the corporate benefit of increasing self control and reducing conflict and anxiety. It can bring people into deeper focus allowing them to be more creative and present to the task at hand. Many successful organisations are supporting the mental strength and agility of their workers with mindfulness programs. 

3. Let me understand

Making the most of your brain.
5 X 1 hour workshops to supplement the online modules.

Neuroscience principles that help in the efficiency and effectiveness of applying our limited mind space to planning, problem solving, decision making, creativity and organising.


We engaged Wendy to run a Growth Mindset session with our team of 20 at our annual offsite. The objective was to help our team go from Good to Great.

The energy on the day was incredible and you could see the participants having a mind shift on how to best engage with their team mates, but also identifying with how they respond in certain situations. 

Our anonymous survey after the session provided incredible feedback such as: 

“It opened my eyes to ways that I can improve my mindset” 

“It taught me how to consider my own responses and reactions to stress at work”

“I hope to be more open minded, and relate to others better”

Since the offsite some of the team have sought individual coaching sessions to take their personal development further. Their performance and confidence has seen a major uplift - rewarding for themselves and our business. 

As a business owner the sessions have brought our two distinct teams together better. As a group we are less fractured and we’ve noticed our employees to be more engaged with their roles and with each other and that is a massive win! 

 Wayne Marks - Ladybird Homeloans and Conveyancing